Defective Properties
Specialists in the rebuild and repair of Cornish Houses
The Cornish House 


Period Built:
Number Built:
Identification Characteristics:
External Walls:
Central Cornwall Concrete & Artificial Stone Co.
Selleck Nicholls & Co.
A E Beresford
R Tonkin
1946 to the 1960s
30,000 (type I and II)
Bungalows and 2 storey semi-detached and terraced houses.
Mansard medium pitch hipped roof covered with concrete tiles, cement slate or cedar shingles.
External walls of storey height PRC columns and horizontal PC panels. Rounded PC corner units.
Horizontal and vertical cracking of PRC columns. High rates of carbonation and significant levels of chloride in some PRC Columns. Cracking of first floor ring beams.
Concrete strip footings. Concrete block underbuilding. Concrete slab. DPC.
PC plinth units with splayed joints, joggle jointed together with mortar. Storey height 9" x 4" PRC columns with two groves. Steel tie rods 9" or 11" x 3" x 3" PC panels, Cavity, PC panels, quadrant-shaped PC corner units, RSA brackets. PC Lintels and PC cornice units laid in bond.
Twin PRC Columns.
Minor variations in PC panel sizes.
Non-loadbearing partions of timber stud lined with plasterboard.
4.5" PC block or brick separating wall in roof space.
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