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Between the period of 1946 and the 1960s over 30,000 Cornish type I and type II houses were built. A Cornish type I construction has single storey PRC columns with a distinctive Mansard roof. A Cornish type II construction has double storey PRC columns with hipped or gable roof.   
The Cornish house was one of the most popular Pre Reinforced Concrete built construction. In 1985 after an extensive investigations by the BRE the Cornish type I and II were classed as defective due to the presense of chlorides in the concrete which caused corrosion of the steel reinforcement and subsequently cracking and spalling of the concrete.
Houses classed as defective under the 1985 housing act were no longer mortgageable. Grants were made available to home owners who had purchased these properties before 1985 to have the works carried out to bring the property up to a mortgageable standard. The works involved the removal of the PRC elements from the property replacing with tradional brick and block. The required works needed to be carried out to a PRC Homes Ltd standard and a PRC completion certificate issued to make the property mortgageable.
The PRC license repairs are still required on these houses today to make them mortgageable.

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